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This website was created to showcase my portfolio of programming projects and act as a central hub to find downloads/links for everything I have done.
Click on any of the file icons to see the code from my projects, or check out the website links, download links, and twitter link to view them in action.
Each project has a small description, and some screenshots of code are in the background!
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Python 3

Course Notes Waterloo

A collection of notes I have kept from various courses at the University of Waterloo
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A chessboard with built in piece detection and Stockfish engine. From turning the pieces on a lathe, to soldering the components, to coding the Raspberry Pi. This is true full stack development.

import stockfish, RPi, mfrc522, pi74HC595, adafruit_mcp230xx, lcddriver, subprocess, board, busio



The first programming project I ever wanted to do. When I was looking up which programming language I should learn, most things said “well depends on what you want to do, pick a project and learn what you need to”, so I decided on this Twitter bot for space photos. Preliminary searches showed I should learn Python, so I started learning. Over a year later I needed a project for my highschool programming course, and what better than my original project that I never got to! So I built a bot that uploads space photos to Twitter!
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Check it out at @HubbleArchives on Twitter

import re, sqlite3, datetime, bs4, requests, time, random, PIL, os, urllib, tweepy


Turn Based 2D Games


When I first started learning Python, I made a TicTacToe text based game. Once I learned a bit more, I decided I wanted to learn how to make GUIs so I created TicTacToe2.0 with graphics, then I kept going. For the next few months while I was learning Python, I built Mine Sweeper, 2048, Sudoku, Connect 4, Hangman, BlackJack and Checkers. I'm really proud of this project, it looks good (considering I used Tkinter) and runs fast (considering it is a windows .exe file built from Python).
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Check it out on a windows computer with the download button above!

import time, random, pyperclip, tkinter, os, re, PIL, shutil


One day I came into my grade 11 computer science class and there was some teacher from another highschool talking to our teacher. I was playing the checkers game I had made (see 2ksGames) and the teacher mentioned that while I could make checkers, there was no way I could make chess, because even he could not make it when he tried. Now this was a Friday, I had an 8 hour shift on Sunday, and a biology test Monday, but I took this as a challenge. I came in on Monday with a, while not perfect, working chess game. Checkmate.
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Check it out on a windows computer with the download button above to see what I was able to do with limited time

import tkinter, time, PIL


Sites for Video Games

Clash of Clans Site -Retired-

For my clan in the Clash of Clans mobile game, which I am a co-leader of, I made a website. This site was made to keep track of donation/received ratios across the clan, as well as the real names of the various members (since most members are from my high school), and various other information. I have this site running off of a Raspberry Pi in my basement, using Django as the web framework so that’s pretty snazzy.
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Check it out at

import django, os, cocapi, smtplib, sys, random, json, datetime

TAstats Site -Retired-

As I was really into achievement hunting for Xbox games, I joined the TrueAchievements site and joined the Ultimate Head to Head Contest 3. This contest has a pretty active forum, and due to the nature of the contest being head to head (1 on 1), people were discussing how certain matchups are harder than others and what the statistics were for the overall averages in the competition. So I decided to make a website to display the various stats week over week.
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Check it out at

import bs4, requests, re, time


School Sites

HRT3M Site

For my grade 11 World Religions course culminating task, I made a website that displays the distribution of various religions around the world. This website includes overall distribution of religions around the world, distributions around continents, and even distributions for an extensive searchable database of countries. This website has a much brighter feel than most of the sites I've made so far, and I am pretty proud of it.
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Check it out at

import django, os, openpyxl

ICS4U Site

For my grade 11 Computer Science course, I made a website that displays what projects I had planned to do throughout the semester. This website has a Gannt chart of all the projects and steps of larger projects, as well as quick descriptions of what each project is. This was the 1.0 version for this current homepage, but when I knew much less about web design.
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Automated Checks and Texts

Morellos Work Schedule

For my work, I am able to get my schedule on a Loblaws employee website after I sign in using my name and employee number. Instead of doing this every week, or multiple times a week if I forget what my shifts are, I decided I wanted to make a bot that would sign into the site, grab my shifts, and then text it to me so I can easily see when I work.
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You can check out the code that I wrote in the above files

import re, time, sys, selenium, smtplib

Tangerine Banking Deposits

Instead of having to manually sign into my bank account (Tangerine) which includes username and password, pin, and a security question, I have made a program that does that for me. It stores the amount of money in my account, and periodically checks what the value of my account is, texting me any difference in that number.
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You can check out the code that I wrote in the above files

import smtplib, time, sys, selenium

Python 3
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